DFMA Training & Membership Costs, Uniforms & Training Packages

Beginner’s Pack: Karate gi with badge + T-shirt $62.00

Beginner’s Pack: Judo gi with badge + T-shirt $80.00

White or Black Karate gi with badge sewed on $57.00

White or Black Judo gi with badge sewed on $75.00

T-Shirt Cadet sizes (up to 12 years old) $12.00

T-Shirt Junior & Senior sizes (13 years old and above) $15.00

Badges are $5.50

Note: It is compulsory for all students to have the white gi as this is what you wear for Monday training, gradings and club special events.

Training Fees:

Term 1: 2 Feb to 28 Mar – 8 weeks

Term 2: 13 Apr to 27 Jun – 11 weeks

Term 3: 13 Jul to 19 Sep – 10 weeks

Term 4: 5 Oct to 19 Dec – 11 weeks


*6 Months Unlimited Fee – Pay 5 months and get martial arts gi package half price

**1 Year Unlimited Fee – Pay 10 months and get full karate gi package for free

Lifetime Club Membership is compulsory. It should be settled within the first month of commencing training. Students will not be graded until the¬†membership fee is settled. Belts and grading cards won’t be issued until both membership fee and grading fee are settled. If you are having difficulty paying your fees, please speak to Soke or Grace immediately to arrange payment plans.

Bank Details: D Franklin

National Australia Bank

BSB no. 083 961

Acc No. 82-374-7279